Differences and Similarities Between Descriptive and Prescriptive Strategies

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  • Published : December 15, 2008
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Differences and similarities between prescriptive and descriptive strategies Similarities
There is a strong similarity to descriptive and prescriptive strategies. As the definition reads; descriptive: “what is usually done” or prescriptive: “what can be done most realistically” could end up being the same outcome on many occasions. The definitions even make sense when put together. What is usually done is most likely what can be done most realistically. However, when studied in more depth, these strategies have their differences. Differences

The descriptive strategy is done based on past evidence. It is something that has been most likely done in the past. Unlike the descriptive strategy, the prescriptive strategy takes other factors into consideration while analyzing multiple criteria and conflicting objections. After this, then chooses what strategy would or could be done realistically based on the objectives previously listed. According to the prescriptive strategy, the second best decision might be more appropriate. The prescriptive approach includes an analysis of possible decisions around a chosen solution known as sensitivity analysis. For a better explanation, a descriptive approach may be making a decision on a topic only based on past experience. If it was positive, then we would make the same decision. If it was negative, then we would make a different decision. Prescriptive strategy analyzes all options before deciding based on all factors, what the best option may be. Which approach are you comfortable with?

I believe most people are comfortable with the descriptive strategy. This is because it is easier for them at any level to make a decision based on what is usually done. However, this doesn’t seem to be a strategic approach. If something is failing, most likely it will need a prescriptive approach to analyze what went wrong and try to change it. It would not work to keep making the same decision if the company was...
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