Differences and Influence of Indo-U.S Cultures

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Differences and Influence of Indo-U.S Cultures

By | December 2011
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“Future of Indo-US relations”

Department of History,
Stella Maris College,
No two cultures are the same. India and the United States are a "sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic." The American and Indian cultures have very vast differentiation between them. Talking about the differences in cultures the Indians are family and commitment oriented while the culture in the United States is vast and the people are independent. An Indian would forsake his/her wishes to support their families but the American culture is goal oriented and this is rarely evident. In the American culture we can see that individuals are self-reliable and independent from a very early stage. The children in the US are brought up to live an independent life, while the Indians are independently dependent on their families. INFLUENCE -

The society and culture which prevailed in the U.S around forty years ago would be what some (elite ) cities in India would be following or trying to follow today. Though we Indians stick to our culture and traditions we also try to be as liberal and modern as possible. Both these countries are highly influenced by each other’s culture and traditions. ABCD - American based confused Desis! As the NRI’s who’ve settled in the U.S are termed. While the Americans value time the Indians are competitive and are always game for challenges. CONCLUSION –

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