Difference Raising a Son or Daughter

Topics: Otoacoustic emission, Hearing, Sex Pages: 7 (2305 words) Published: May 2, 2011
When it comes to raising a son or daughter everyone has their own opinions about which one is easier to raise. Parents are still raising their children to do activities which are gender specific. Parents should realize that they raise their children, whether boy or girl, very different from the very day that they are born. If you have a daughter then most parents tend to try to always protect her from being hurt by falling down, but if you have a son then most parents tend to encourage him to be rough and tough. In many research studies where toddler boys and girls are watched, they both showed the most interest in toys that were routinely programmed toward girls. Many parents feel that one huge difference between boys and girls would be that boys don’t listen to anything or anyone when you are trying to tell them something. Scientists and Doctors, such as William McBride, Ph.D. (2005) have proven that boys do not hear as well as girls, and girls hear better and more rapidly than boys. By elementary school, while a boys hearing may be “normal” it still isn’t as attuned as a girls hearing is. The range of hearing studied was that of voice frequency, and this attributes to one of the reason that boys require more hands on learning and discipline than girls do. Parents feel more comfortable up rooting a boy by the hand and dragging him to time our than they do up rooting a girl by her hand and dragging her to time out. Boys represent the larger population who have been diagnosed with behavioral disorders such as ADHD and ADD. Since boys develop more slowly and don’t hear as well as girls, they develop speech skills more slowly as well. Many factors lead to certain patterns in slow development being seen as a learning disability. The truth is that this behavior may just be normal for the genetic species of male. Boys develop more physically than girls do. Girls may sit quietly investigating the pages of a book, that activity isn’t designed well for the developing mind of a boy because they would prefer to witness first hand cause and effect, such as ripping out the pages of a book and then trying to piece them back together. Some of the most definite changes in the boys versus girls battles occur during the preteen, teen years.

Girls are developmentally ahead both hormonally and mentally, just think about it combine raging pubescent hormones and girls become more difficult to deal with. The hormonal changes in females are greater than it is for boys and many researches attribute this to behavior issues that plaque girls as they get older. Girls are taught to be “little ladies” to conceal anger. When they were apologizing to schoolyard friends, the boys their age were working it out in a wrestling match. Societal pressure has parents of girls remaining vigilant about protecting their little girls from boys and things like pregnancy or promiscuity.

When you catch a teenage boy with a girlie magazine, most parents would be embarrassed and laugh it off, but if you catch a teenage girl then the parents would be seeking counseling. When they develop sexually, they are also being sent completely mixed messages about acceptable behaviors. These lessons may go against the human urges that they are feeling at this young age. Boys are often encouraged to test their limits, and they are also encourages to climb the highest mountain and swim as far as they can. Boys are expected to succeed and while their parents worry about the outcome, it is easier for parents to let go of their boys more than it is letting go of their girls. If parents could come up with a clear and concise plan of raising their children based on values, then both will be empowered in alternating areas. Boys are slower to develop more than girls. In the end things equal up and without societal programming, the differences would be little. It is important to assess your own strongly held and often secret identities of what makes raising boys versus girls...
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