Difference Between White and Black Rhino

Topics: Rhinoceros, Tiger, White Rhinoceros Pages: 4 (946 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Black Rhino
* Smaller than white rhino
* Weighs up to 1400kg
* Small hooked jaw for feeding on trees and bushes
* Keeps head level with body as it is easier to feed of trees * Its natural habitat is in dense vegetation
* Female walks in front of calf
* Short tempered and aggressive
* Very solitary hardly ever joins up with other rhino’s * Grey skin

White Rhino
* Bigger than black rhino
* Weighs up to 3630 kg
* Square jaw
* Keeps head lower to the ground while grazing
* Has a hump above its shoulders
* Calf runs in front of mother while she steers the calf
* Prefers open areas
* Usually stays with a group of up to 15 other white rhinos

Both the white and black rhino are an endangered species as indicated the following table:


Both black and white rhino are poached for their horn. The rhino horn is worth around R600000 per kilo. The horn is used in many ways. Some use is for ornamental handles and daggers. While in China and Vietnam they use it as medicine to cure various diseases such as typhoid or cancer. In Japan they use ground up rhino horn as an aphrodisiac. Here are the poaching statistics for the current and 2 previous years.

Why save the Rhino?
There are many reasons why to save the rhino but here are the most important ones 1. Rhinos are an critically endangered species
Three of the five rhinoceros species are classified as critically endangered this means they are very close to extinction. And without intervention from us they will probably go extinct. The black rhino is one of the three. 2. Rhinos have been around for millions of years

Rhinos have been an important part of our ecosystems for millions of years, and we cant let them die out on our watch. 3. Humans have pushed the rhino’s to the verge of extinction It’s our fault that their numbers are dwindling. We are the main reason rhinos are dying. We do this directly...
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