Difference Between Usa and Uae

Topics: Medicine, United States dollar, Universal health care Pages: 1 (484 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Many different countries’ people come to live in the USA for many reasons. I came from the UAE one year ago for my son’s health. It’s not hard to live in the USA, but it’s not as easy as living at home. This is because the USA and the UAE are different in many ways. For example: each country has differences in currency, climate, environment, health care system, living conditions and expenses. The first big difference is living conditions and expenses. I was living in my house without paying any fees in my country, whereas now I’m living in an apartment and paying around 3600$ monthly. Also, I have to pay a deposit and make a contract for at least 3 to 6 month in the USA. If I were living in the apartment in the UAE, I would pay around 200$ a month. Also, I wouldn’t be required to pay a deposit or make a contract. Second, the USA is very crowded and full of traffic to me. The UAE has traffic, but it is much better than the USA. The reason why is that the USA’s roads are old, narrow and small. Even, big highways have only 3 to 4 lines. The UAE’s roads, however, are new, big and wide. The highways have 6-7 lines. In addition, it’s easy to find parking and it’s free in the UAE. So, people prefer to use their car. Therefore, roadways are convenient and congested in my country. But in the USA, people use public transportation a lot in order to save time and money. Because of crowding, transportation is inconvenient in the USA. Third, the health care systems of each country are different. The Use has hospitals like the USA, but doctors are not as good as the USA’s. Additionally, USA’s hospitals are very expensive. Also, you have to pay insurance in the USA. In contrast, in the UAE, most hospitals are free. Some of them have a fee, but it’s not as expensive as in the USA, and we don’t have to pay any insurance. The last difference is currency. The USA’s currency is the dollar, but in the UAE, we use the Durham. If I compare the Durham and the dollar, the dollar is...
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