Difference Between Upload and Download

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Difference between Upload and Download


In computer networks, data is always transferred from one place to another in order to accomplish various tasks. This can be easily performed using Uploading and Downloading. These are the two processes which are used for transferring data between a client and a server. Uploading is the process of sending files including documents, pictures and videos from a client computer to a server. Downloading is the process of transferring files from the server to the client.


Uploading means that sending files from our local system to another remote location such as a server, over the network. For an example, if we want to build a website, we should upload the required files, images and other content to the relevant server where we host the website. When considering the Internet, every time we send a request for a web page using a browser, the data containing our IP address and the web page we have requested, is uploaded to the server where the requested page is available. The time needed to upload depends on the size of the file we send. Small text based files can be sent quicker than the larger music files, heavy video files, images or other large multimedia files. Most probably, uploading can be performed while doing other tasks on the computers. After uploading files to a server, it will be available for the other users, too.


Downloading is transferring data or information from a server to our client computer. For example, the same files which have been uploaded to the server can be downloaded by another user to the hard disk of a local system. When considering the Internet, in order to view the content of a requested web page on a browser of the user’s PC, the web page content including the images are downloaded first from the particular server. The time cost for downloading a file depends on the size of the file. When the file gets larger, the time takes to download the file...
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