Difference Between the Canadian and the American Movements Towards Independence

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Canada's fight for independence was difference from that of the United States. Canada gradually evolved peacefully as a nation while the United States became an independent country through a war. During 1867, a Confederation of six colonies of the British North American joined to form a new country, Canada. Gradually, the military, financial and administrative support from the British slowly reduced as the new formed country took charge and more responsibility in the control of its future and destiny. This was strengthened by Canada sending many troops to fight with Britain and its participation in the First World War. Great Britain's application of the Statute of Westminster to its dominions from the Acts of Parliament, granted along with Canada, New Zealand, the Irish, Newfoundland, Union of South Africa, and Australia full independence. This statute only consecrated practices that had already been established firmly by Great Britain. With Canada, the road to independence began with Britain's grant of a responsible government and finally legislature to its colonies from the period of 1847 to 1848. The crowning of the Confederation in 1867 had the intention and purpose of giving Britain's dominions the complete control of their governance and internal affairs. These lead to the gradual takeover of the colony's governments from Great Britain's control. The most critical event that fostered Canada's independence was the withdrawal of British Armies in 1871 from Canada, followed by the Washington Treaty which took place in the same year. The treaty included a Canadian who joined the British negotiating team that would lead to deliberations and the signing of the treaty on Canada's behalf. These events led to the development and establishment of a Supreme Court in Canada in 1875. This process was accelerated by the First World War with the support of Canada to Great Britain's troops in the war. Canada grew and evolved in the international scene during the period of...
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