Difference Between Personal/Professional Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Management Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: April 25, 2011
How Personal Can Ethics Get?
1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics. Personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics by the perception of management and all the employees of the organization. When employed at many jobs during your career you are faced with multitude of individual differences and preferences. Someone’s personal differences does not affect the individual alone, but it affect others around them. I am a firm believer, that everyone should be treated differently in an organization, because everyone’s personality is not the same. For example, an employee has an out- going personality and enjoys being the leader of the group where as others may enjoy just working alone. However, that would be the personality that represents the overall profile of stable psychological attributes which captures the unique nature of that individual. Values and ethics are essential to any organization –those functioning in leadership positions are no exception. Also, depending on the level of authority the individual has in the organization, the effects of their influence can be very powerful or lack thereof. In this case, Mr. Waters had been with the with the department for 14 years, and he was hired as a high administer. Therefore, Mr. Waters has a dominant impact in this organization and it affects other people.

2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics by having good moral ethics. The organization should develop policies and procedures that all employees should abide by. The standard policy and procedures of an organization can impact ethics in many ways by clearly outlining how employees are expected behave and what is expected of them. An organization’s culture reflects the shared and learned values, beliefs and attitudes of its members; these standards are...
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