Difference Between Long Term Relationships vs Marriage

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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The Difference between Long Term Relationships vs. Marriage

The difference between a long term relationship and marriage is totally different in my perspective. Being with someone over a period of time, having children, buying or renting a home together but you’re still deciding on marriage. It’s not only a sin but teaches your children it’s okay to shack with a mate instead of the religious way getting married, an institution made by God.

I can relate to this subject on a personal experience because I have been living in a long term relationship with the father of my children for almost fourteen years. Yes I do want to get married but sometimes you have obstacles that don’t allow things to happen in the right order. Also if you are with someone whom has been married before it’s also hard for them to get married again sometimes because of the hurt and pain involved in the prior marriage. I am going to elaborate on the differences of long term relationships versus marriage. Over the past decades getting married has declined with more couples engaging in long term committed relationships. The value of getting married with some people is only a piece of paper stating you’re married. If you start the relationship without any of your own values you won’t get them back in return from your partner especially if they are not discussed early in the courting stage. Most of these couples, committed relationships, also feel that they are more fulfilled and happier if they don’t get married. That is just a staged act and fear for the committed couples who don’t want to get married. The most heard statement, “If you truly love someone and are committed to them a piece of paper doesn’t add much to the relationship.” I feel this depends on the couple because that statement can be one sided when one partner secretly wants to be married and the other is just afraid of the hard work that comes with marriage. Living together brings on more stress after you...
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