Difference between Ideas of Ancient Greeks and Americans

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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There is a considerable difference between the ideas of the ancient Greeks and Americans now. The author of The Iliad, Homer, tells the readers a great story about two very different, yet very alike, types of heroes. The type of Heroism that is portrayed in The Iliad is extremely different from what the general American public would consider heroic today. The modernized version of The Iliad is the movie Troy, which talks about the same two main characters as The Iliad and gives them many of the same traits as the epic does, but slightly changes some of the circumstances in which they face and how they handle the situations they are put into.

In the epic novel The Iliad, Greek heroism is based on how great of a warrior someone is. A man basically had to choose one of two options - to be a hero and die young, or to live for a long time yet never amount to anything spectacular. The idea that most American people have of heroism is that of a superhero, someone without any flaws that has the well-being of the general public in mind. Another heroic figure in American society is a solider. A similarity between an American hero and Greek hero is that soldiers fight for their country and their people, much like the Greek heroes portrayed in The Iliad did.

The main character focus in The Iliad is Achilles. Achilles is the son of Thetis, an immortal sea-nymph, and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons. Because he was the son of Thetis, he was a demigod, which meant that he had one parent who was a God and another parent who was human. Demigods were much stronger than regular humans but did not have as much power as a God. Achilles was the greatest warrior in the Greek army, but that did not make him a hero. Achilles had many character flaws. He was a cry-baby. Whenever something did not go his way, he would cry to his mother about it like she could fix all of his problems. Sometimes she would actually make an effort to fix them, but one would expect a heroic character to be...
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