Difference Between High School and College

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Difference between high school and College
There are a lot of similarities between high school and college. They are similar in many ways like in both they use books, notebooks and students take basic classes like math, Spanish, science, etc. But, they still have a lot of differences. One difference between both is the types of schedules students have. In high school most students begin at 8:00am and end at 3:00pm. In contrast, in college the student chooses the schedule. College students can start in the morning, afternoon or night and end whenever the time they choose. In most high schools, students don’t have free hours however, in college students could have free hours. Another difference between both is the clothes the students wear. In high school students wear uniforms. On the other hand, college students wear whatever they want. Girls in high school wear skirts and polo shirts but college girls wear anything for example t-shirts, short skirts, short pants, etc. Unlike high school, in college boys can wear any type of shirts and pants. In high school, students wear school shoes but in college, they use sports shoes, flip flops, converse, etc. The last difference between high school and college is the amount of students that attend it and the reason why. Around 800 students attend high school. On the other hand, more than 1000 students attend college. More people go to college than in high school because a lot of people when they finish high school want to study for a career. The reason people go to high school is to have a good education and go to college. The reason people go to college is to have a bachelor’s degree and to learn more. Although high school and college have their differences they are both important. I think both are important because it’s good to learn and have knowledge. Another reason why both are important is that education is important for a future of a person. Both are important steps to have a good life and a successful career....
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