Difference Between Chinese Culture and Western Culture

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  • Published : August 14, 2011
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Chinese culture and Western culture, an interesting comparison. East is east and West is west; never the twain shall meet. This one line pretty much sums up this never ending debate on the differences between the Chinese culture and the Western culture. Many westerners, when they visit China for the first time are in fact shocked to see the customs and traditions in China. But the same holds true for the people of China who go to western countries for the first time. What is to be remembered is the fact that every culture is unique, and there is no definitive culture that can be said as being the best or worst. Every culture is developed in thousands of years. At least this holds true for the Chinese culture. It is 5000 years old; in comparison to Western culture that is only 2000 years old. Every culture has its own values, morals, customs and traditions and they should be respected as such and not to be ridiculed just because another culture has different values and beliefs.

In all aspects of life, be it religion, music, art or medicine, Chinese are totally different from westerners, in fact poles apart, and trying to compare these two cultures is like comparing day with night. Not all things western are good, and not all things Chinese are bad. It is a question of perspective, beliefs and values. One should learn to appreciate the differences between the Chinese and Western culture to be better able to understand these differences.

As far as religion is concerned, Chinese beliefs are rooted in Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, all of which believe in equality of all creatures. It is through learning that man can become better. On the other hand, Western religions (read Christianity) believe in superiority of human beings over other animals and here too people can become better if they control their sinful actions and thoughts.

Family is the backbone of Chinese culture and members live together or close by. On the other hand, family is mostly nuclear...
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