Difference Between Chinese Culture and Western Culture

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Intercultural Communication and the Conflicts between Chinese Culture and Western Culture

There are many matters of cultural conflicts in intercultural communication of Chinese culture and western culture, and it seriously affects the course of communication. So, it is necessary for us to find the in-depth reason and make some plans on how to improve the ability of intercultural communication. This is the right way to avoid the cultural conflicts. There are several culture conflicts: the conflicts on privacy, the conflicts on the sense of time, the conflicts on traditional cultures, the conflicts on table custom. The reasons are: the difference in the mode of thinking, the difference in behavior, the difference in the concept of value, the difference in language transference. Key Words

Intercultural communication, culture difference, culture conflict  
摘 要
在中西跨文化交际中,文化冲突的事件屡见不鲜,严重影响了交往的顺利进行,因此我们很有必要找出其深层次的原因,并采取一定的措施来培养跨文化交际 能力,避免文化冲突。文化冲突的表现有隐私方面的冲突、时间观方面的冲突、客套语方面的冲突、餐饮习俗方面的冲突。出现这种现象的原因有思维模式存在差 异、行为规范各不相同、价值取向不同、语用迁移造成影响。 关键词
After the Second World War, people find that the earth becomes smaller and smaller: politicians from each country are busy in communication on the intercultural stage; international companies are found everywhere; scientists and scholars exist in international academic forum; more and more people visit foreign countries, Chinese teachers stand on the platform of foreign countries, ect. All in all, International communication becomes so frequent. At the same time, we can see the conflicts and problems in intercultural communication again and again: one country’s president think that the gesture means friendly, but it enrages another country’s people; some businessmen from foreign countries come to China to do business but failed and left with complaint; the teachers coming from England and America say Chinese students don’t cooperate with them; some Chinese people go to America to study, but, after a short time, they give up the plan, and come back to China…… With the further development of the reform and opening to the outside world, the people and the matter in western societies have come in to our visual field more and more. Under the situation, the economic and the social communication in different countries, different nationalities and different cultures become a part of people’s life. This gives us a chance to get in touch with western people and this is a good thing for deepening our understanding of western society. But, this is not an easy thing. Because the things we face are coming from strange cultures and countries, and the people we communicate with are different from us in thinking, life custom, and behavior. It is unavoidable for the phenomenon of culture conflicts to appear in the course of communicating with others.

I. The frequent conflicts appeared in intercultural communication between Chinese culture and western culture There are many culture conflicts in intercultural communication between Chinese cultural and western culture, it is impossible for us to list them out one by one. Here, some frequent conflicts are listed out. A. The conflicts on privacy

The privacy sense of Chinese people is comparatively weak. Chinese people think individual should belong to the collective; they think people should be united and fraternal; they think people should care for each other. So, Chinese people are willing to know the other people’s things and the others also want to tell them. But western people attach great importance to the personal privacy. They want to have personal space and they are not willing to tell others their own things, they do not even want others to interfere their life. So, there are many conflicts on privacy between Chinese people and western people. For example, when Chinese people meet each other the first time, they would like to inquire about the others’ age, marriage, family, profession and even their...
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