Difference Between Art Museum and Art Gallery

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Difference Between an Art Museum and Art Gallery

Both art museums and public galleries present works of art to the public, exhibiting a diverse range of art from more well-known artists to emerging artists. They may sound similar, but in fact they are used very differently in their representation of art objects. Art museums are non-profit institutions designed to keep and display art for enjoyment purposes and to preserve them for future generations. Art galleries tend to be small privately owned venues, used to display art for the purpose of the public buying and selling art and in many cases, they are open free for public.

Bruno David Gallery is St. Louis leading art gallery specializing in contemporary art. The gallery has been a major influence on the arts community in St. Louis since its opening and represents some of the best artists that this city has to offer. The gallery itself is conducive for both leisurely strolling and for intense studying. Its sparse quality keeps away the distraction and allows viewers to really focus on what is being showcased.

Bruno David Gallery is free to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays. Art galleries generally do not charge admission, as they encourage visitors to view their works in the hope of making a sale. By selling art works, the art gallery can pay all its operating costs including the rent, utilities and overhead. Not all but nevertheless a number of museums have found the need to charge an admission fee to cover the cost of maintaining their collection, with few exceptions of museums like St. Louis Art Museum.

Bruno David Gallery is currently presenting a new exhibition by Chris Kahler, Buzz Spector, Katharin Kuharic, and Van McElwee. The artists in this exhibition are linked by their colorful, but mysterious and a playful mixture between pure abstraction and representational quality of their work. In many cases, a gallery will focus on specific artists who are unified by some criteria such as...
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