Dietary Supplements

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1. Dietary Supplements

Rebecca Moreno
Melissa Lage
2. Dietary Supplements
Dietary supplements
Dietary supplements are products that may contain “vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, or other plant-derived substances; amino acids; enzymes; concentrates; or extracts.” These are intended to help along with diet and exercise for weight loss, obtaining nutrients, provide energy, prevent illness and disease, and to enhance food. People take them for all of these different reasons but there are many different kinds of dietary supplements. Benefits

There are many health benefits to using dietary supplements, however some pose risks as well. Dietary supplements have the benefit of giving you the nutrients that you are lacking if you have a deficiency of a certain nutrient. They can also help provide the things that you need if you have a certain illness that results in a deficiency. You can take an iron supplement to help make sure that you have enough iron. Iron is important because it makes the proteins hemoglobin (found in the red blood cells) and myoglobin (found in muscles). These are extremely important because they carry and store oxygen within the body. Niacin supplements can be taken to help maintain a healthy blood cholesterol (HDL). When taking a niacin supplement it helps you to keep your blood cholesterol within a healthy normal range. There is also a supplement for folic acid which has been used to reduce the risk of spina bifida in infants. Spina bifida is when the baby’s spine or spinal cord grow abnormally. There is an opening that is left which means that the 3. Dietary Supplements

spinal cord and spine may protrude outside of the body. The spine and spinal cord needs to be protected on the inside so developing spina bifida can be very dangerous. Spina bifida can also cause damage to the nerves because of the opening in the spine. This can cause paralysis, in some cases, because the spinal cord is unable to relay...
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