Dietary Analysis

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Amanda Berishaj
David O’Hagan
Novemeber 29, 2012

Dietary Analysis
Nutrition has played a big part in my life even before taking Biology 115.. I enjoy reading Women’s Health magazines and watching television shows like The Doctor's and Doctor Oz because they are filled with nutrition tips, and scientific studies about fitness and health. I am a strong believer that your diet is the biggest component of your health. Biology 115 has been an extremely useful and knowledgeable course because I can apply much of the information learned to my own life. The Diet Analysis project was wonderful because it gave me a firsthand look at my own diet habits.

My actual intakes of the different food groups were somewhat near what the "My Super Tracker" had recommended. I was within range for grains, fruits and milk. My consumption of meat & beans and discretionary calories were 181% and 150% of my recommendation. Vegetables on the other hand were very low at only 35% of my recommended goal. It was clear from this basic food tracker that I was over consuming meats/beans and discretionary calories and was under consuming vegetables. I definitely need to adjust my diet so that I will consume more vegetables and a slight increase in fruits. All together I need to consume an extra 2.5 cups of vegetables daily which I will do by eating salads, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and corn. I also need a small increase in fruits (about 1 cup) which will be dealt with by eating an additional apple, orange or pear daily. I live the typical American diet and I generally eat meat at every meal. One thing I will consider eating smaller portions of meat, and

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will substitute the vegetables as an alternative. I also need to cut back on discretionary calories such as peanut butter, cream cheese and ice cream.
My intake recommendation of carbohydrates was slightly below the DRI recommendations. My DRI recommendation was range between 1460 - 2108 kcalories and...
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