Diet Pills vs. Diet and Exercise

Topics: Weight loss, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Final There is many different ways when it comes to losing weight nowadays with so many new things out on the market. But with no right or wrong way of doing this you have to find one that works with the daily routine and the lifestyle. Whether it is on Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig, E-diets, diet pills, surgeries or with diet and exercise or any other one of the methods out there. Instead of using diet pills that only work when a person is taking them, the healthiest and safest way to lose weight is with diet and exercise. The most important thing is how these things can make life healthier for anyone who wants to lose weight. When trying to lose weight on diet plans and pills can be very pricey when there are other people around trying to help you. One main thing when concerning these two is the cost of them. Diet and exercise is something anyone can do that is free and doesn’t cost a thing and diet pills that can be very costly. You can change your diet and find healthier food for you to eat instead of sugar and carbohydrate which aren’t good for you. Also starting a daily exercise routine hat doesn’t cost a thing that will make mind and body feel and act so much better. When concerning diet pills they can end up being very costly without knowing if they’re going to work or not. It can end up costing you an arm and a leg buying diet pill ever month with them being 30 – 40 dollars a bottle. Spending all this money on something that might work will be stressful and that’s also something that’s bad for your health also. Another difference between the two of them is the convenience of the two of them. Diet and exercise is something you have to take time out and plan to do each day. You have to make time to find a way to fit it into your daily schedule to get in your workout which is hard for some people to do. Also taking time out of your day to make and plan healthier meals. This might take time in...
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