Diet Makes You Gain Weight

Topics: Nutrition, Weight loss, Obesity Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Diet makes you gain weight by Swe Aye

Dieting is not a simple solution to losing weight, but many people are still trying to use the same method in an unhealthy way. According to an article by Cynthia Sass, she mentions a survey done in the UK which shows that “nearly a third of women have seen a spike on the scale after going on a diet, gaining an average of nearly four pounds.” Four pounds may not sound like gaining a lot of weight, but if the dieting game continues, the numbers will just keep rising. Simple dieting plans like taking slimming pills are not the best solution since there are many side effects along the way. Diet pills are an addiction because once a person start taking them, they will have a hard time trying to stop. There's a chance that they may lose a few pounds in the beginning, but after they try to stop, it's more than likely that they are going have a bigger appetite than usual. By changing how the digestion system works, people are accepting false habits which will result in gaining weight. For many people who feel guilty for eating often force themselves to throw up and those people are considered bulimic. By only thinking about throwing up, they are neglecting the truth about what is happening to their body. As foods come back up from the stomach, there are acid along with it which eventually causes frightening health problems. Vomiting lowers a person metabolism that they actually need to maintain a healthy body. After a certain period of throwing up every time they eat, they will start to realize that they actually need to eat more than they should. By not having the right amount food in the system, they are always going to be hungry. People who want to diet need to believe that it takes right set of knowledge to achieve their goals. Diet forbids the foods which we can’t give up like potato chips, cheese, wine, ice-cream, and chocolate which are high in fat and carbs. And even though we go for diet chocolate or ice-cream, the taste...
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