Diet Analysis Water Project

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Diet Analysis Project: Fluid Activity
Day 1) Record your fluid intake from when you wake up on a weekday, until when you go to sleep. Try not to change any of your intake habits. Day 2-3) The next 2 days, record fluid intake again, aiming for optimal hydration by meeting fluid requirements based on gender. (You do not have to input the fluids you consume into diet analysis, but include the intake in your report. Remember, coffee and soda don’t count towards your fluid recommendations.) Record any observations in relation to how you feel the day of/after consuming beverages as you normally would compared to the days you are consuming fluids in accordance with guidelines.

1) What are your fluid requirements?
* My fluid requirements are 9 eight ounce glasses daily.

2) Are there any reasons you should consume more fluid than what is recommended?

* I think I should consume more fluids so I can have more energy and not feel fatigued throughout the day. Also so I don’t feel dehydrated when I work out. Another thing I noticed is it curves my appetite.

3) Were there any differences in energy, digestion, concentration etc. when consuming the fluids that are recommended for you?

* I found I had more energy and did not snack as much as I normally did. I really didn’t notice any changes in digestion but I did notice myself urinating more often.

4) If you are physically active, did fluid intake impact your activity?

* It seemed to make my workout easier and I was able to work out longer without taking water breaks.
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