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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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In today’s society there is a strong emphasis on prudent, well thought out, decision making. It is often against social norms to act on impulse. Society also affects the way one thinks, making each person self-conscious and self-aware of his surroundings. This helps him become more wary of his actions, disallowing (for the most part) uninhibited actions and reactions. However, Diesel, a clothing company, indulges the average day citizen to “Be stupid.” According to Diesel’s manifesto, which can be accessed through YouTube, this campaign suggests the stupidity of being “smart,” and emphasizes the need to be “stupid” (“The Official Be Stupid Philosophy”). Through the use of vibrant colors and fonts and the provocative and chauvinistic nature of the ad, Diesel is truly able to convey its sense of stupidity.

Diesel has many advertisements that are under the “Be Stupid” campaign. They all use the power of shock to capture the audience’s attention. What could be bolder than encouraging stupidity? What the audience will notice first is the vibrant colors. The message is written in a neon yellow that easily captures attention. The border matches the message and it immediately grabs the audience’s attention. The blanket on which the girl is lying is multicolored and eye-popping. The vibrant colors will allow the reader to stop in the middle of the magazine to look at the ad for a moment.

What’s more interesting is the message that is in bold in the left hand corner. It reads, “You’ll spend more time with your boss.” This is written in all bold and all capitals. The physical appearance of the message is already attention-grabbing enough, but if that wasn’t enough, the message itself is crazy. It’s crazy in the sense that it goes against all of society’s conventions. Having any type of relationship with a coworker, let alone a boss, is usually frowned upon in most offices. A “wise” thinker would know not to venture into that area, but one who goes with what he is...
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