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Diesel and Its Ads

By | Feb. 2011
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Diesel, an Italian design company, centers it offering on ads that encourage consumers to “be stupid”.  According to this company if you are stupid, you'll create more, you’ll get that much closer to genius, You’ll make better friends, You’ll care less, You’ll discover talents you never knew you had, and yes you could die, just not of boredom. While analyzing this innovative campaign we came to various conclusions related to our course:  1) Consumer Behavior Concepts:

 These ads use several concepts that have been presented in class. The concepts which are most salient are as follows: • Hedonic needs - these are needs that relate mostly to sensory pleasure. These needs reflect our inherent want for this type of pleasure. If the desire is presented strong enough in mediums, marketers hope that consumers will be inspired by the product for pleasure portrayed in the medium that it seems to bring. Marketers hope that consumers will see themselves satisfying this need through their particular product. • Gaining full attention by making the stimuli pleasant - When an ad uses attractive models, they are more likely to be noticed and gain attention. These models seem to initiate positive feelings and attraction which drives the consumer to be attracted to the product. When a medium uses humor, it gains even more attention. • Gaining full attention by making stimuli surprising - The use of unexpectedness in an ads gains curiosity and makes an individual pay more attention to an ad to figure out what is being said by the ad. • Easy to Process Stimuli- Making stimuli easy to understand allows the audience to readily adhere to what the message is attempting to portray. If something is hard to understand, individuals tend to spend time trying to decipher the message and not getting the marketers objective, or disregarding the entire messages. • Perception: When something is perceived one of our five senses are activated. Many...

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