Dier El Medina Q & a

Topics: Amun, Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, Amenhotep III Pages: 4 (1064 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Deir el medina – a workers village
1.What was the function of deir el medina?
A home for craftsmen while working at the Valley of the Kings. 2.Where was it located?
In new kingdom Egypt
3.What kind of information does deir el medina provide us with? It provides us with information that the craftsmen referred themselves as ‘servants in the place of truth’. It provides us with information about the lives of the workers. 4.What are our main sources of evidence? What are they called and what are they used for? Our main sources of evidence are from limestone flakes and potsherds known as ostraka. They were used like scrap paper by the villagers for letters and receipts etc. 5.What is an invaluable record?

Something that cannot be valued.
6.When was this evidence found and by whom?
It was found in 1948-50 by French archaeologist Bernard bruyeye. 7.When the village was first settled?
C.1545-1525 BC
8.During which dynasty do we get our best picture of life in deir el medina? From the 18th dynasty.
9.What other evidence has been uncovered?
There were 70 houses stood within the village walls
10.Which archaeologist do we credit with the greatest knowledge? TE peet, Bernard bruyere, Alan Gardiner, Morris bierbrier and john romer 11.Describe the village
The village had perhaps 600 people surrounded by a six meter wall. 12.Describe in point form what a typical house in deir el medina looked like -built in a standard delongated design, 15m by 5 m
-Mud-brick superstructures and shared walls
13.What examples/ evidence exist that provide us with information about furniture? The most common furniture was the stool made from wood that was imported. 14.How have Cambridge scientists been able to gain more accurate knowledge about bread and beer making? By changing their method for example using different grains and different temperature, 15.How was work organised at deir el medina?

They worked in gangs and divided into right or left groups.
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