Die Opvoeder as Leier, Bestuurder En Administrateur

Topics: Leadership, Communication, Education Pages: 9 (2054 words) Published: March 21, 2013
 Question 1

Write a paragraph in which you discuss the role of communication in creatinga sustainable positive atmosphere in your classroom.  
Communication is the transmission of an idea by someone, thesender, and the understanding thereof by another, the receiver.Communication is important to the success of any relationship,without it the relationship is doomed to fail. In order to increase thequality of the relationship the communication needs to be effective.Effective communication between the educator and the learners Inhis/her class is essential in order to create and maintain a positiveatmosphere in the classroom.

Write a paragraph in which you discuss the importance of establishingpositive educator-learner relationships in the creation of a sustainablepositive atmosphere in your classroom.  
 A positive educator-learner relationship is important as it enablesboth the educator and the learners to risk being honest with eachother, care about each other, it promotes interdependence, ensuresmutual needs are met and allows each individual to develop their own individuality.The creation of the above leads to trust between the educator andlearners and as such will result in a positive classroom atmosphere.Creating a good educator-learner relationship involves the following(Coetzee 2010:87):   Creating open, professionally appropriate dialogue with learners.   Systematically building better relationships with learners.   Maintaining a high rate of positive to negative statements.   Communicating high expectations.

  Creating opportunities for personal discussion.Guidelines that can be used to avoid the negative effects of educator expectations are as follows (Coetzee 2010:87):

• Use sensitive information on learners carefully.
•   Be flexible in your use of group strategies.      Be careful how you respond to low-achieving learners duringclass discussions.      
Use materials that show a wide range of ethnic groups. Be fair inyour evaluation and disciplinary procedures.      
Communicate to all learners that you believe that they can learn.      
Involve all learners in learning tasks and privileges.
Monitor your non-verbal communication.
Discuss how you would promote learner participation in a multiculturalclassroom by creating a learning environment that supports socialising andintercultural interaction .
I would first read through all the learning materials for that givensubject in order to determine if there is any aspect of the work or activities which may be culturally insensitive to any of thelearners in the class.      

I am aware that cognitive learning styles are culturally dependentand therefore will use a variety of teaching styles, methods andstrategies in my teaching of the class.      
In order for the learners to participate and actively cooperate witheach other it is necessary to be aware of any instances of cultural insensitivity immediately and take action, a way to avoidthese situations, I could allow those members of differentcultures to explain about certain aspects of their culture to theother members of the class. This way I as the educator and theclass will learn about other cultures.      

I expect all the learners in my class to achieve to the best of their ability as all people are able to learn provided they put in the timeand effort to do so. I am also aware that the academic andlearning ability of learners differ, so they at the beginning of theacademic year are required to set their own personal goals whichthey then work towards. These goals set are at levels slightlyabove what each learner believes they can achieve in order tochallenge them.    

When checking work done in activities the class needs to assistthe learner who is answering the specific question if they makean error in order to correct it, if they are unable to detect or correct the error, I as the educator assist in guiding them to...
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