Did the Us Win the War of 1812

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  • Published : June 11, 2008
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Position Paper: Did the U.S. win the War of 1812
The United States of America did in fact win the War of 1812. One reason the U.S., was the country victorious, was that the U.S. navy caused a lot of damage to the British. Another reason was that the U.S. did get some land from the war. The final cause to prove that the U.S. did indeed win was that America gained International recognition and respect. Here is a more thorough look at these reasons.

There were reasons to support the theory stating that America did not win the war but the reasons supporting America winning completely outweighed the other. It is said that America did not gain anything from the war, but this is not true. Because they fought the war America was able to get rid of the embargo. America was also able to get Florida from Spain. It is also said that Americans were unprepared for defense or offense in the war. This could not possibly be true, except for Essex America had bigger and better guns than Britain. The decision to go to war had not been unanimous but you can’t always please everybody.

Even though Great Britain had one of the best navy fleets in the world somehow the United States navy prevailed over it. Even though the American navy was small, comparing ships it was as good as any other in the world. An example of that was the U.S.S. Constitution which was a forty-four gun frigate. The Constitution an entire British squadron off New England, then sank the British frigate named the Guerriere a month later. Because of the small size, the American navy had to use wise methods. They tried to cause disruption through hit-and-run tactics. They would only engage vessels under favorable conditions. This strategy definitely worked because the navy had many victories over British vessels.

The U.S. did get land from the war. One reason America went to war was because many people wanted to expand to the West. There was only one problem, the Indians, and the British...
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