Did Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Vision of a Just Society Become a Reality?

Topics: Canada, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Quebec Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Did Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s vision of a just society become a reality? “Every individual should receive what is due to him or her. It’s a simple question of fairness.”1 Unlike many people of his time, Trudeau was a truly unique prime minister who believed in a just society for every Canadian citizen. Thanks to his faith and endurance, we as the citizens of today can hold our heads high with pride. Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s vision of a just society with reference to multiculturalism, rights and freedoms for all and bilingualism are evident in society today. Pierre Trudeau’s governments’ policies of multiculturalism lead to the mosaic of cultures Canada is today. Trudeau accepted the multicultural policy during his term in office, which stated that despite racial and ethnic background or religion etc. you can participate as a true member of society. For example, both French and English Canadians at various times believed that their own cultural identities were of greater importance than the latter. The French did not want to accept the English culture and the English did not want to accept the French culture. They believed that in the process of embracing other cultures they would lose their own. Trudeau stated, “They (French, English and immigrants) will be encouraged to share their cultural expressions and values with other Canadians and so contribute to a richer life for all of us.”2 Similar to the way many people think today, Trudeau wanted a more open-minded Canada and a more culturally diverse country. In this way Pierre Elliot Trudeau also believed greatly in the concept of immigration, he stated, “the reason Canada is so good is not in spite of its diversity, but because of its diversity.”3 He believed, “immigration is one source of Canadian prosperity and more must be done to preserve it. We have a tremendous need to bring in more skilled people”.4 Pierre Elliot Trudeau believed in immigration as a good thing. He believed that it helped the economy...
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