Did Hitler Use Fear to Control?

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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Many believe that Hitler used fear to control Germany. He made everyone join his party and anyone that didn't believe un hum were punished. He also used the Nazi police to scare people and threaten people into liking hitler. Hitler almost bullied people into liking him.Everyone would always salute him when he adressed them. He also used propaganda to get People to like him. No reporter or newspaper could print or say anything against him. Hitler believed in a pure race. He wanted every one to have blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He believed that they were true germans and that germans were the master race. yes tes ewtfrneu asbfiuoahsif asiouhbsiua fasoerhiuosabrj aj buipaebgrkj aejrbfpaiuser kjew riu aer jewkl; bpiuwa rkjw;jbjawk rkjw briuwj rkwjb riwj r kj;wb rwi rj ; wiu rkj iwrkj ihweb kjrkj;b wjk rkj biwhj rk; sd sd f sf fs f e wr we f sf f sfm rtr jr8 r76k8r7k GRSRE TI67 FEGRHYUJ I7 W FE TRHUI67 9 645 WEG RN Y7U8 6 54T GH JUIY7 56 ER FG J UY67 5YER SDFGHY T675 4REW RFG H DS FS DSF DFS DF FD F FDS F DFS FDS FSD FS S DFS F SF DS FD DFS DFS DF F F S DF FSD FDS DF TH E E E e e sd f y a g g gd dg gd gddfg gd g d df gd ggf d trd hg et hfd r gf fg dd g gfd d fg fd h t re htrt ty u u u u u tu yu yu u o fsh km er f ghjyt kut rrdf ygtre gh jytr gf gytr e ghtf jyg fgn yh jutyr gh hyurd gf ui tfr iu tgr er h u ghj yjgtr idhgs lkjth y g kj us rerhy giu7yr
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