Did Desdemona and Othello Experience True Love?

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Kara Thompson
Ap Lang
Mr. Wagner
Was the relationship of Desdemona and Othello true love? Throughout the entire, through secrets and lies and murder even until the end one of the biggest questions that arose was the vitality of Othello Desdemona’s love. Although some readers of Othello have argued that Othello and Desdemona’s love was true, a closer examination of the way she shows empathy for him when he tells her stories reveals that he is only in love with the attention she gives him because it alleviates his own personal insecurities. By examining the abruptness of Othello’s jealousy and judgment of Desdemona’s possible infidelity, it is revealed that he has deeply rooted insecurities. After Iago tells Othello of the possible infidelity that has occurred, Othello immediately starts to get jealous and angry. He begins to admit some of the insecurities he has, “Maybe because I’m black and I don’t have nice manners like courtiers do, or because I’m getting old…”. The insecurities that Othello has directly relate to the abruptness of his jealousy. Othello believes that he is lesser because he is “black” and “old”. Of course he, an ugly, old, outsider cannot compare to the young and beautiful Desdemona. He compares his self image with her image and automatically believes that he is not worthy of her. This terrible self image forces him to believe what Iago has told him even without proof. The abruptness of jealousy proves Othello has insecurities. If it was true love Othello would not have been so quick to assume that Iago’s claims of infidelity were true. An examination of the way Othello becomes intrigued by Desdemona because of her undivided attention toward the stories he told shows that the attention she gives him alleviates his insecurities. When Othello is in the court room talking to the duke, trying to prove his love for Desdemona, he mentions that “She loved me for the dangers I had pass'd, and I loved her that she did pity them”, Othello...
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