Did Bismarck Really Plan the Unification of Germany?

Topics: Otto von Bismarck, Prussia, German Empire Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Did Bismarck really plan the unification of Germany?

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) could be considered one of the smartest leaders of Germany ever. He was a great National Hero who was respected greatly by the German people. It was only in 1847 when Bismarck became a Deputy in the Prussian United Diet that Bismarck started on his path to greatness. Even though Bismarck was originally from Prussia and he stuck to all his old beliefs as he climbed the political ladder until he became the Prime Minister. Throughout his political career Bismarck seemed very lucky with everything that was happening as if he planned out all the events from the Polish Revolts all the way to the Franco-Prussian war. Some people believe that Bismarck planned all the events from 1862-1870 but some others say he just took advantage of the situations thrust upon him. I actually believe it was somewhere in the middle. The following essay will explain why.

The way things played out for Bismarck made some people believed that Bismarck planned everything out but this is not true because three wars happened from 1862-1870 and there are plenty of reasons that make it pretty clear that Bismarck couldn’t have planned everything. When it comes to the war with Denmark Bismarck had no control over the Kings death which led to the Throne getting passed to Glucksberg. If these events hadn’t of happened a chance of a war would have been much slimmer. Also the Austro-Prussian war wouldn’t have started if the Austrians hadn’t mobilized their troops and this is something Bismarck did not have control of. And lastly, the Franco-Prussian war might not have started if the Spanish king had not died and if the war had started and if he had planned the war he would have no idea that the French would be unprepared.

On the other hand he may have planned a few things before hand because during the war with Denmark he has already gotten Austria to join him so he was ready to fight. Also before the...
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