Topics: Waterfall model, Agile software development, Debut albums Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Dear Xiaoyu Xiong,
Thanks for sharing your opinion, and I think you did a great job. I do agree with you that the main differences between Agile and Waterfall approach is their distinct emphasis on projects’ value. In my opinion, agile is cheaper, faster and quicker to respond to changing market demands, and waterfall method is slower but much steady, sequential process. And I do like your examples that agile approach can be government support project like public medical insurance and Waterfall approach will be used to prevent overestimates and disorders’ occurring. The advantages as you mentioned: Continuous improvement and Rapid reflection, is really well concluded. For the finally question, I am very interested in your opinion, you said you will choose agile because it’s more challengeable and attractive. Thanks again, have a good day. Best,


Dear ShanPang,
Thanks for sharing your opinion, through reading could I say for the different you mentioned would be waterfall is often using in the predictable zones and Agile is often using in the unpredictable zones? But I would like to agree with Kijnaphat that the key differences are their fixed constraints and that they take largely different paths on planning projects while still adhering to many of the PMBOK processes. And for the advantage part, I really agree with you that agile is very flexible. And I do like your finally question’s answer, it’s true that lots of decision making should have no unchangeable answer, and it should be depended. Thanks again, have a good day. Best,

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