Dictator Idi Amin

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  • Topic: Milton Obote, President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni
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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Corey Thomas Jr.

Who is the most vicious fascist in the history of fascist? In my opinion, the worst fascist is Idi Amin. He was so cruel to his people in Uganda. He was the third president of Uganda. He was in office for eight years. Uganda is in the southern hemisphere. Uganda’s monetary unit is shillings. The chief religion is Christianity. The current population is 33,424,683. The population has grown rapidly since the war and genocide. He was also huge about the military. In his genocide of Uganda he killed about 300,000 people. Children included; this horrible “Ruler” caused lots of cruel and unusual punishment to his people. What else has he done wrong? Idi Amin is a fascist, fascism is a governmental system led by a dictator in complete rule. More about this cruel genocide; the people of Uganda have been the victim of serious violations of human rights and peace right from the time of its independence. In Uganda, genocide has been largely destructive and has gone on for years and years without proper measures. The regime of Idi Amin caused much violence and bloodshed. His policy was one of military domination and violence. During his time, many of the tribal people were oppressed, discriminated against, and cruelly treated. He would usually kill the parents in front of the children or vice versa. He would also use the children in war to walk across minefields. In my opinion this was the worst genocide. I also think he is the cruelest dictator after Hitler. What led up to this genocide? When he first became president he had a lot of beef with Obote. After tensions flare between the two, almost immediately executions began. Then after the executions war began, and the death count in Uganda has grew rapidly. He used children in war, and the parents were killed if they cross the line in any type of way. Now determined to make Uganda "a black...
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