Dick Van Dyke

Topics: Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, Bart Simpson Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: February 14, 2008
The Dick Van Dyke Show vs. The Simpson's
The Dick Van Dyke show an old classic of the 60's when T.V. was in black and white and shows were so censored married couples lived in two separate beds. The Simpson's an everyday occasion when families come together at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:30 to watch their favorite family on colored T.V., drugs, and sex can be found in almost every episode. In a day when every one in America revolves around the next episode of their favorite violent, sexed up, drama filled sitcom where is the time to watch a nice fun filled sitcom such as the Dick Van Dyke show? In a world surrounded by sex drugs and violence it is almost impossible to have a clean funny show and keep good ratings.

The Dick Van Dyke show was made up of many main characters such as Dick Van Dyke a comedian, his wife Laura, buddy and sally Dicks comedy writers, and Jerry and Millie Dicks close friends and next door neighbors. The Simpson's have five main characters they include: Homer Simpson an abusive alcoholic that works at an radio active power plant, Marge Simpson the almost perfect house wife, Bart Simpson Homer and Marge's rebel son who has no respect for authority, Lisa Simpson Homer, and Marge's daughter who is very intelligent, and musically inclined, and Maggie Simpson Homer and Marge's youngest daughter who never seems to talk or do any thing productive. These two shows are very similar in ways such as how they brought families together to watch a show. Another reason that these shows are similar is because they are both comedies.

Even though these shows are similar they are very different in many ways. One way is the language, the language in the Simpson's is far more up seen then any thing ever said on the Dick Van Dyke show. Another reason is that Drugs is a topic that was never touched by Dick Van Dyke which is common in the Simpson's. An additional reason why these shows are so different is because the censorship was such greater back in the 60's...
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