Dick Gregory

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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Instructor G.
ENG 100-
Dick Gregory
Gregory grew up in St. Louis Missouri with a poor family background and without a father figure to support him and his family. He was a young child when he fell in love with a beautiful girl named Helene Tucker. Gregory was ashamed of himself after everyone found out about the issue he had with his teacher about the money for the relief people and about Gregory not having a father. What Gregory means about “I was pregnant with property” was that all the things he went through like hunger, poverty, dirt and smelling bad that nobody wanted to get near him as well as having to sleep with 5 people in the same bed were as strange as pregnant people’s cravings. Gregory felt bad of himself around the community. Sometimes Gregory even took the longest way home so none of the white, rich people could see him. “I never learn hate at home or shame. I had to go to school for that.” Gregory once says. He felt hate coming from his teacher and shame from others around him. I felt bad for Gregory when he talks about Helene looking straight at him and crying because of the fact that he was making up a father so he would not be left out from the rest of the classmates. Gregory felt hate from people that hated black people. Gregory also felt shame from all the ones that knew what has happened at School with his teacher. I can relate to Gregory in some parts. When I was 13 years old I was living in Denver Colorado in 2003. The school I use to go was full of black people and some white people. Black people where discriminating on the Latino community. I felt really bad and I did not felt comfortable anymore at that school. Gregory tried to add more money than what he had so other classmates especially Helene would not think that he was poor. It was just an impulse to look better around others. Gregory tried to show off what he did not have. From my point of view showing off does not ever work. I think Gregory should leave things how...
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