Dicision Making Process

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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Decision-Making Process for School
The decision-making process has six different parts to it. The steps are identifying the problem, generate alternatives, evaluate alternatives, make a choice, implement your decision, and then evaluate your decision (Bateman & Snell, 2011). This process is used by everyone, even though at times some of the steps are skipped and we do not realize that we are using a process to come to a conclusion or decision. I had a hard decision to make back in 2010 because I was getting laid-off from a job that I had been at for four years. They told me I would come back as soon as the company picked back up but they were not sure when that would be. So, I had to decide whether to get another job and move on from the job I liked or go to school and wait for them to call me back. I had to evaluate what the choices were and the positives and negatives of either choice. During this I had to figure out what I would want to go to school for and what that would do for my family. I also had to evaluate what not getting another job would do to my family and my bills. I spent many days looking for jobs and looking at schools I thought I would like and after all this I could not find a job but I did find a school I liked. So there the decision was made. I was going back to school. I then had to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and my degree I would earn. I chose to open my own business. I am happy that I went back to school. It had opened so many more doors and opportunities for me and my family. After I got my associates degree in management I was able to get a job pretty much anywhere I had applied. When I was debating on a job or going to school I had not really thought about the fact that being in school and also having a degree can lead you in the right direction to getting a job. While writing this paper I realized that I do use the decision making process in order but it also made me realized that there are times when I...
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