Diary Task 2 Unit 4 for Level 2 Child Care

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Diary task 2 unit 4 for level 2 child care
In this diary task was carries out observation in a nursery, children age range was 1 to 4 years. In this diary task I have completed a five minutes observation. The observation was to look at the children’s developing social relationships and I have written a conclusion which shows how the children relationships were developing. P4. 2. From the observation I could see the children were able to play with together in the home corner. Children were playing cooperatively. Five minutes observation on child: Child M is playing in the home corner with other children. She is cooked sausages which she is giving out to her friend who says thank you. Yummy says her friend, can I have more? Child X says can I have some to taste. Child M yeah you can have just wait a minutes. I am going to cook little bit more. Child M is putting some sausages into the oven. She is saying I need to wait until it’s been cooked. Just bit later child M, take the sausages out of the oven and she is giving out the sausages to her friends. She is just pretending to clean the kitchen. Conclusion:

From the conclusion which shows how the child’s social relationships were developing. It is evident that the child. From the observation I could see the child was able to cooperating with other children. Child M was pretending that the sausages real and she cooked the sausages. She showed that she cares about her friends and she cooked sausages again for friend and Child X. In addition she waited for to cook sausages so she and her friends can eat. It shows she can control her emotion. She did listen to her friends. The observation shows that the Child M relationships were developing well.
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