Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 Summary

Topics: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Father, Birthday Pages: 8 (3242 words) Published: October 1, 2011
iary of a wimpy kid is a book who talk about the summer vacations of Greg Heffley who lives with his parents and his brothers Rodrick and Manny.

Greg Heffley is a boy who thinks that summer vacations are basically a three-month guilt trip. He doesn't believe necessary be outside all day frolicking just because the weather's nice. The way he likes to spend his summer vacation is in front of the TV, playing video games with the curtains closed and the lights turned off. Unfortunately his mom thinks different to Greg. She believes that it's not normal for a kid to stay indoors when it's sunny out, so she try to get him do something outside like play soccer, go to the park or go to the pool. But Greg said that he spent the first part at his friend Rowley’s pool, and that didn't work out so good.

But like I was saying his mother keeps trying to get him to go to the pool with her and his little brother, Manny, but the thing is that his family belongs to the town pool not the country club like Rowley’s family. In the last year that Greg went to the town pool he swore to himself that he would never go back to that place again. He describes that go to the town pool was one of the most traumatic experiences of his life and every time his mom ask him to go to the town pool she makes that Greg puts some images in his young mind that he is been trying to forget.

In a Sunday his mother had a "house meeting" and said that money was tight that year and they couldn't afford to go to the beach, which means no family vacation. Now Greg only has two things to look forward to this summer. One is his birthday, and the other is when the last "Li'l Cutie" (the worst comic ever) runs in the paper.

He said that when the last "Li'l cutie" comes out, he and his dad will have to throw a party because they consider that something like that deserves a serious celebration. But while the last "Li'l cutie" comes out Greg must face the big issue between he and his dad wich is his sleep schedule because during summer vacation he likes to stay up all night watching TV or playing video games and then sleep through the morning. But his father gets kind of crabby if Greg still in the bed when he gets home from work. To make sure that Greg don't still sleep Greg's dad calls him at noon, but Greg just keeps the phone by his bed and when his dad calls he uses his "best wide-awake voice" and when he finishes talking with his father he back to sleep.

Other day Greg was in the middle of his show and his mom told him that he had to turn off the TV and find something else to do, so he called Rowley his best friend and invited him over. When Rowley went to his house they went straight to Rodrick's room in the basement. they dug around and then they found a horror movie at the bottom of Rodrick's drawer but the thing is that neither one of they had actually seen a horror movie before so that movie was a really big find. That day they waited for mom and dad to go to the bed, and then they watched their movie, well, technically Greg was the only one who watched it, because Rowley had his eyes and ears covered the whole entire time. The movie was about a muddy hand that goes around the country killing people. And the last person who sees the hand is always the next victim. Greg said that the special effects were really cheesy and he wasn't even scared until the very end that's when the twist came. After the muddy hand strangled its last victim, it was crawling straight at the screen, and then the screen went black it meant that the next victim was gonna be Greg. After seeing the horror movie Greg and Rowley didn't feel safe in the basement so they had to spend the rest of the night locked in the bathroom with the lights on, but the next day his father found them asleep. So Greg had to explain him why they were sleeping in the bathroom and then he was punished for watching the movie without permission.

From that day his mother was left concerned to see how...
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