Diary of Revenge: a Short Essay About Hatred

Topics: Debut albums, High school, Emotion Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Diary of Revenge: A Short Essay About Hatred and Revenge
A time when I sought revenge is still ever so clear in my mind, because it was not but 2 years ago when the thirst for revenge ceased to exist in my heart. And though it displeases me so to think that I would harbor such a crude emotion inside my being, I will recount the events in the true manner in which they happened. I will try to keep an unbiased eye when looking back, so that I may tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But I implore you, do not pity me, for I myself have become numb to the pain of my past and have closed that chapter in my life.

Since as far back as I can remember I have always been tormented by children who consider themselves the “elite” and consider me a “freak”; an “eyesore” to society. And though they think they are more prestigious, the fact that they judge others is quite ironic. They labeled me for the dark tones of my wardrobe, my music of choice, and my drawings of skulls, creatures and other curious things. I have always been strange, but not to the point of deserving said torment. Seven girls. Four of whom, were the daughters of board members and prestigious families. Seven girls caused my every waking hour to be treacherous and slow; made life a living hell for nine years. From kindergarten until my last year of middle school, all I ever heard flow out of those ugly mouths was insults, teases, and other such things like, “You should just die, because nobody loves you!” Ah, and such were the times my heart grew colder, darker, and isolated. I can’t count the times I had often dreamt of them finding slow and painful ends, but I knew better than to wish damnation on others. Even if the adults near me turned a blind eye for the sake of their jobs, I was not so weak as to let them rule my life, and smart enough to not raise a physically threat against them. I knew I was taller than them, I knew I was stronger than them, but fighting was never...
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