Diary of Elizabeth Bennet

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet Pages: 3 (1254 words) Published: January 5, 2013
“Diary of Elizabeth Bennet”
“The Ball” (Price and Prejudice- Part 1)
Monday, 23rd September 1811
Today, we all were in uproar, as Mama would say! It appeared that Nether field had been let at last, a single young man of large fortune. Naturally, Mama was ecstatic. I believe she is planning to marry one of us to him, and as Jane is by far the prettiest, not to mention the most amiable, I fear the task of “capturing” M.r Bingley (for that is his name) will fall to her! Papa was being self delightful. If he seeks an introduction to Mr. Bingley, then Mama will not rest until the poor man is married, and preferably to our dear Jane. As long as the introductions are delayed, Mama will have to bide her time. I’m beginning to wonder whether there is any point in marriage at all. If one took Mama and Papa for an example, then it would seem not. They do not suit one another, and I often wonder whether there is any real hold between them. It makes me wary of the matrimonial state, and I am glad that Mama would never presume to marry me off to Mr. Bingley. I suppose that is the advantage of not being the favored daughter. Mama fears the day that Papa dies, and believes we will all be thrown out of our home if one of us does not make a good match. I refuse to believe that our relatives would allow this to happen; Aunt and Uncle Gardiner would no doubt help us if help were needed. And besides, Papa is in very good health; dwelling on his death can only cause us all great sadness, not to mention an excess of anxiety. Dear Papa! Although he delights in vexing Mama, and is not the most adept of parents, he is still my very own Papa, and I love him dearly. Longbourn would not be the same without Papa here, and Mama is morbid to even consider his death. He has many years of happy healthy life in him yet! Friday, 4th October 1811

The servants moved into Nether field today. This has only made Mama even more upset, for Papa is still adamant that he will not visit Mr. Bingley. For...
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