Diary of Anne Frank

Topics: The Diary of a Young Girl, World War II, Otto Frank Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Anne Frank: Diary of a young Girl

“The Diary of a young girl” is an autobiographical novel written Anne Frank which details her experiences during the time of Nazi revolution. The book was conceived right after Anne received a diary as a birthday gift from her father, Otto Frank. Being the main character, Anne displays a spirit of endurance which is exemplified throughout the text. In deed endurance serves as a unique human spirit as characterized by Anne Frank, whereby she is able to endure the challenges that she faced in her childhood life (Frank 2).

Focusing on this Diary written be Anne Frank, it posses a picture of Endurance as her strong human spirit, through the revulsion of Holocaust. Some of the quotes portrayed in her work, clearly indicate the perseverance that she undergone as little girl, who in any way did not give up the struggle. “Who would ever think that so much, went through the soul of a young girl”(Frank 3), These were the words of Anne trying to portray how much she was going through in the attempt to cope with the uncouth times of Holocaust. Their movement to Amsterdam implied that they had to change their usual lifestyle, meaning that Anne had to adapt to the new form of lifestyle which she was not familiar with. Anne had to mingle with the new villagers, who did not understand her way of life and therefore, regarded her to be annoying (Frank 3).

The story of Anne Frank depicts the aspect of brutality by the Jews during the reign of the famous leader Adolf Hitler and the Axis of power at the period of the World War 2. The philosophy related to Nazism, were conceptualized at the ruling of Hitler. Otto Franks’ family being from a Jew origin, suffered segregation from the Native Germans. All the chaos suffered by the Jews originated from the Germans defeat in the World War One. This paused a complex moment for the Franks’ Family as they were from the Jews community. It was a tricky moment for the young teen uprooted from their...
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