Diary Od Internship

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Diary of a practice

Student’s name and surname: Spahić Harun
Index number: 68855
E-mail adress: harun.spahic@hotmail.com

Comany in which the practice was done: UniCredit bank d.d.

Mentor from University: Agić Emir, PhD

Mentor from UniCredit bank d.d.: Suzana Krajina-Jusupović, business office executive

Adress: Zelenih Beretki 24, Sarajevo


12.03.- 16.03; first week

My first day at work, on practice, to be more accurate, was mainly about getting familiar with the staff I will be working with. When I first got contacted from the UniCredit bank, I was told to go to business office of this bank that was located in street Zelenih beretki 24, and to talk with the person that was in charge of this business office, Mrs. Suzana Krajina Jusupović. I spoke with her, and she immediately introduced me to the staff, first with the people that have been working in section Payment operations, and then with other staff. People from the Payment operations section were my co-workers for that week. I taught were highly of these people, because I could see how much business are they doing. Monday was usually a day when a lot of business was done, since people accumulated their bills and obligations on weekends. I used this day to see how are the things done, since they gave me no responsibilities. Tuesday was the day in which I was introduced to the business of Payment operations and I have immediately begun to clarify the credit transfers, bills and to make stamps, because they couldn’t give me more authorities and power. I was in some way disappointed with this, because I wanted to prove that I can do more and help them in more ways than this. The thing I liked is that I had a contact with the people that were coming in the bank, and I could see how does it look to be on the other side. Day after that, I continued doing the same thing, and I was getting pretty good at communicating with people that were coming. My co-workers also explained me the division between the bills that we were getting. We were dividing them into the inner ones- the ones that had the sender account and the receiver account from UniCredit, the ones that were going from UniCredit bank to other banks, and the ones that had a connection with income. My job was to divide the accounts into these three categories, and then to give them to the next office, where these accounts were sent to further arrangement. Thursday was the day that I changed my workplace. They have sent me to the next office where I could see the next part of the process of the Payment operations. This was the part in which we were to scan all the accounts and then send them, in groups that are called batches, to Mostar, because the main UniCredit bank is located there. Then the people from Mostar would send us via mail the announcement if any of these batches had a mistake in it or were bad in any way. Batches were sent through very complex but yet easy to use application, that has been made by the IT support in Split. Batches were also divided in the same manner as accounts. In Friday, they have allowed me to work with scanner and I have pretty much enjoyed in this area, because all business was done with the computer, and I like this, because the possibility of error is minimal, and doing business is easier and faster. This was a very interesting job, although I had a feeling that I would be annoyed doing the same thing all over again. That is the thing I didn’t like in this job. I spend only a week in this section, and I could immediately know almost everything there is to know, and the job was the same from day to day, with a little possibility that something different will happen.

Second week 19.-23. March

When I came to a job on 19th March, I was immediately informed that I will be working on cashier that week. This branch of UniCredit bank was consisted of four cashiers, and...
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