Diary Entry from a Soldier

Topics: Rain, Weather, Extreme weather Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Dear Diary,

Through all this tough time I can’t imagine that I am still alive. I didn’t know that the area that I was in, was exposed to this extreme weather condition. In summer it’s was extremely hot, luckily that I am an Australian and already got used to this type of weather. Not only the summer weather condition had affected us however, now in winter the weather conditions had gotten worst. It turned out to be freezing cold, snow fall most of the time. We were unprepared and only have summer clothes to keep us warm. So when my friends and I were not on duty we all had to huddle each other to try and keep warm as possible. I had seen some people that had to get their hand or feet amputated because of the coldness. I’m wondering when it was my turn. Our location is on low lying land so the rain is a big problem because when it started raining our trenches would fill up with water in a minutes. The rain is making it difficult for us to move around the trenches. If you are not be careful and keep your feet dry you could turn out with a trench foot.

There was not much fresh water. We have to do almost everything to save water. The most horrible thing was that we had to do is conserved water by using left over tea of shaving.

Being away from home made me missed my wife and all the delicious meal that she had prepared for me. Over here all the foods are just horrible and disgusting. We always ate bully beef which is a type on canned meat. When I had some hard biscuit it made my tooth ache. We also receive some tea, sugar and jam. There were no fresh vegetables at all .So we have to eat Julienne which was a flaked and dry vegetable in a tin. My favorite food here is Machonochies it was tinned meat that also contained some potato and some vegetables.

With soldiers lying dead in the field, rats, flies and mosquitos were everywhere munching on the flesh of the stagnant water and inadequate sanitation soldiers. The hungry rats were running...
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