Diary Entry

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Diary Entry 1
We Africans had everything we had possibly wanted: Shelter, food, and family & friends to rely on. But we were all lacking something as a continent, and that was ‘freedom’. Now I’m going to explain how I was captured and brought up to be a slave. It was a typical day in Ghana when my mother asked me to go and milk the cow at our farm that was just before the woods. I had always been an exploratory person and this time I wanted to go and discover the woods. I had always been told to stay away from the woods by family and friends for a very long time, and could not wait any longer. I walked into the woods as quietly as I could trying very hard to avoid to stepping on the crispy leaves, as I make a prickly noise. Suddenly, I thought I heard a noise nearby, so I turned around immediately to find nothing there. Thinking that it was safe, I continued on my travels trying to push the thoughts of my mum telling me ‘to stay out of the woods’ out of my head. Out of the blue, I found myself to stumble upon a rock making me fall to the ground and release a loud shriek. My mind went completely blank. When I regained consciousness, I found my hands to be tied up behind my back. Instantaneously, I realized that I was no longer free. Tears started to pour out of my eyes. There was no point of me trying to fight for myself. It was over. I was captured as a slave and I was only
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