Diary Entries from World War 2 Jews in a Concentration Camp

Topics: Barbed wire, Death, Suffering Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Diary entry 1- standing in a crowd full of angry jews
Dear diary,
I am shivering in an endless crowd, all I can see is a mass of giants. I am trapped with no food, no water, just my clothes and my unimaginable anger towards Hitler. We are all desperate to find out what’s going to happen to us next. I have the worst headache in the world, people are shouting and swearing at Hitler’s men. We don’t care about insulting other people who aren’t Jews because we have done nothing wrong. We know how little they think of us, without doing anything wrong, we still suffer persecution and discrimination. I feel so lonely despite being among all these people. For a long time I lived with my family but now that I have been banished and separated from them, I am sure I will never see them again. Us Jews, we are insulted openly, depicted as vermin and dissipated from society. We know what will happen to us. We will be sent to concentration camps, made to work with spite in our minds, knowing that we will soon be gassed and then cremated so that there will be nothing left of us. We are rats in an endless maze of sewers.

Diary entry 2 in the concentration camp
Dear diary,
We’re dying of heat and exhaustion. We’ve been pushing these carriages of coal and innocent dead bodies since dawn. All I can see around me is a field of mistreated Jews. I keep noticing this little boy who stares out through the barbed wire fence near to wear us older men are working. I am certain he is aggravated by the alluringly close freedom and the sight of birds happily singing when he is suffering. We are isolated in this place; there is no sign of human civilisation in sight, just a barren land full of dead crops. Vultures circle the concentration camp, probably picking up the stench of rotten human flesh, while Alsatians patrol the fence.

diary entry3 in the night
Dear diary,
I have given up trying to get to sleep. I’m in a bunk house full of other men. All we have is a measly...
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