Diapers and Absorption

Topics: Diaper, Huggies, Safety pin Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Diapers have always been a part of daily use. Even in ancient times, of course they weren’t as modern as now days. Diapers have been gradually evolving over time. There is not a definite place were diapers were first used, because everywhere mothers covered their children with whatever they had in hand. Documents show that babies from ancient times might have worn milkweed leaf wraps, animal skins, and other natural resources as types of diapers. Native American mothers and Inca mothers in South America had a very peculiar way of making diapers; they would pack grass under a diaper made out of rabbit skin. In warmer seasons, babies were mostly naked.

In the late 1800’s children were wearing diapers that were made out of either linen or cotton flannel and they would put safety pins to hold the diaper together. During World War I mothers found it difficult to be washing the cloth diapers on a daily basis. Marion Donovan saw the need for a new invention to take place, so she created the first disposable diaper. In the 1950’s the Safe-T Di-Dee and became the first pin-less, snap-on diaper. Also in 1950’s a man named Vic Mills created another kind of cloth diapers, he named them pampers. Pampers began to get quite popular, and in the 1960’s machines that made 150 Pampers a minute were invented.

In the 1970’s Huggies Diapers were created. Machines created over 250 diapers per minute. Huggies were also placed in other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. The pins were replaced with sticky tabs to hold the diaper together. It also had a disposable diaper inside to absorb more liquid during the day. Later Huggies and Pampers Diapers put cotton material in their diapers so there would only be a to 2% chance of leakage.

The population of people who bought disposable diapers around the world grew up to a 95% in the 1990’s. The machines that created 250 diapers per minute in the 1970’s became machines that produced 900 diapers per minute. Since 2005 many...
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