Dianna Assignment

Topics: Diana, Princess of Wales, Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi Fayed Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Abbas Mohammad
Diana Assignment
Princess Diana Dies in Paris Crash
The discussion of how the interaction of speaker, audience, and subjects affects the text is fundamental one because it determines how effective the text is in achieving its purpose. The purpose of this text is not to tell readers only how Princess Diana died but also who’s responsible for the death and criticize them. However the news report failed to achieve their purpose they lacked to criticize the press, who were responsible for the death. Apparently BBC does not do a good job because they do not understand rhetoric and how it is situational. As a speaker they seem to be very boring and their details are not specific. News Report now these days have to be very competitive in order to attract their readers because television broadcasting seems to be taking over and influences readers the most. The audiences are the people reading the news report and are curious if they find any information that the television broadcasters did not discuss. Most of the information in this news report can be found on television. BBC does not know that the audience wants the shocking the details such as, “Who were the photographers?”, “What type of relationship Diana have with Dodi Al Fayed”, and “How did Mr. Al Fayed and chauffer died exactly?” The people who work for BBC do know their subject which is the information about the crash, but they include extraneous information that the does not relate to the crash such as “Tributes to the princess have been pouring in from around the world” which needs to be removed. In conclusion the text loses its readers by not having specific details about the crash and includes extraneous information that bore the reader. This text also proves that news report is losing its effectiveness because they cannot maintain balance of trying to entertain the readers and include specific details that make their purpose effective. The reason why news reports have to be...
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