Diamond Organizational Model

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3. Diamond Organizational Model
Leavitt‟s diamond (see Figure 1) presents a balanced and rational view toward complexities affecting KM framework. It also views technology in direct and strong relation with required tasks, employees, and task organization i.e. structure. This model has been widely used as the basis for understanding and realizing organizational changes. Leavitt‟s diamond (1965) demonstrates four groups of organizational variables: task, people, technology, and structure. As the arrows in Figure (1) indicate, Leavitt states that these variables have many transactions with each other. Thus, changing one of them would result in regulatory and compensating change in other components. Technologies are tools that help organizations perform their tasks and help mechanisms turn inputs into products. Knowledge management is not just about management of knowledge work processes or people performing them, since it influences technology and organizational structure as well. The position researched by this framework suggests that only with the consideration of balance among all the four variables it is possible to demonstrate the activities of knowledge management in an organization. Therefore, instead of disregarding the importance of these variables or ignoring one of them (e.g. technology) all together, this famework views all the groups and elements equally and puts all the variables in priority; in this manner, the activities of knowledge management could reach maximum success. Reference:

GOSLIN, K.G., 2008. How instructional leadership is conveyed and perceived in three Alberta high schools, University of Calgary (Canada). Leavitt's Diamond, which postulates that it is rare for any change to occur in isolation, is presented. Of 4 interdependent variables - tasks, structure, technology, and people - change to only one or 2 of the variables will cause problems. Leavitt's (1965) theory is applied to the changes that have taken place in the Management...
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