Diamond Mines in South Africa

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Diamond Mines in South Africa
Eugene Patton, James Pruitt, John Morawa, Kenneth Miller, Nicholas Nauroth, and Shemika McWilliams
DeVry University Online
April 13, 2011

Diamond Mines in South Africa

South Africa’s Culture, Government, Economy, and religion of South Africa (Shemika McWilliams)

Diamond mining in South Africa is the main force behind the country’s economy but this has not always been the case. South Africa’s large diamond mining industry started with the discovery of a large diamond on 1886 by a young shepherd named Erasmus Jacobs. The discovery brought in many miners from different parts of the world to South Africa and this lead to the discovery of a bigger diamond in 1871. This created a diamond rush in South Africa that change the country’s economy, politics system, religion and culture. Thought this lecture we will cover the different effect of diamond mining in South Africa especially the cultural effects of this trend. Culture of South Africa

The culture in South Africa is very interesting because this country has contributed too many immense and diverse things. Throughout the centuries Africa has produced innumerable cultural moments. The country has plenty of traditions and an incredible history that goes from the Monumental pyramids of ancient Egypt to the towering twentieth century figures of Nelson Mandela. Stone Age cultures developed in Africa as they did throughout the world. Hunter-gathers societies flourished throughout the continent and found detailed documents of their lifestyles depicted in the rock art in the Savannah regions. The movement and settlement of these people were marked by changes in the environment over the millennia. These changes brought into South Africa the first white settlement to the country.

The first white settlement of South Africa came in 1652 when the Dutch came to the country to establish a resupply commercial port for their ships. Throughout the years and with the help of the bumming diamond business the country became one of the most diverse nations in the world. South Africa is currently a culture that is divided into different ethnics groups dominated mostly by the white subgroups that came to the country mostly during the diamond rush years. This presence of many cultures has created an influence on the country’s religions practices.

Religion and Colonization
South Africa has an incredible mix of religions but Christianity seems to be the most influential one due to the efforts of many missionaries that came to the country a few decades ago. The roles missionaries played in creating South African society have long been controversial. Some observers consider missionaries to have been agents of colonialism; others declare that missionaries were benign humanitarians. With the rise of Christianity, Egyptian Christians challenged the authority of Rome and founded the independent Coptic Church. St. Augustine of Hippo, a North African, fought against their variations in doctrine and practice (World History, Africa in, 2004). The north brief ascendancy of the Christian church was displaced by Islam from the seventh century. Before the end of the eighteenth century there was very little missionary activity in South Africa. The white Christians showed little inclination toward converting non-Christians: slaves, the Khoisan, and Africans. The evangelical revivals in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries inspired Protestants in northern Europe and North America, including many future missionaries to South Africa, to spread Christianity throughout the world (South Africa: Missionaries: Nineteeth Century, 2004). The missionaries' primary goal was to convert people to Christianity. Missionaries challenged African practices such as polygyny, dancing, beer drinking, and initiation ceremonies (South Africa: Missionaries: Nineteeth Century, 2004). Some people converted because they desired the...
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