Dialysis Research Paper

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Dialysis is a treatment for those with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Damaged or diseased kidneys cannot remove toxins from the body. Dialysis removes the toxins and regulates the pH of the blood when the kidneys do not work. Side Effects of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) and Hemodialysis:

* Side effects may be mild or severe, depending on the patient’s condition and whether or not they are following their dietary and fluid restrictions. * Infections
Exchanges between the catheters, used to allow dialysis solution into and out of the abdominal cavity, must be done carefully because there is a risk of infection from bacteria on the outside of the body. This infection is called peritonitis, an infection of the peritoneum (where the catheter is placed on the abdomen). Peritonitis can cause fever, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Peritonitis also has flu-like symptoms.

Preventing Infections:
1. Be careful when performing each exchange.
2. Keep the area clean.
3. Wash hands or use gloves when handling catheters.
4. Apply antibiotic preparation at the catheter exit site to prevent infection.

* Hernia
Continuous insertions of catheters can cause the muscles around it to weaken. The dialysis solution increases muscle weakness causing tears, and organs from the abdominal cavity poke out through the opening. The only way to remove hernias is to have surgery. * Nutrition

The dialysis solution in patient’s stomachs makes them feel full, making eating uncomfortable. Patients begin to eat less and that increases chances of malnutrition. Patients are advised to follow the PD renal diet to meet their nutritional needs. * Bloating and Weight Gain

Patients on PD tend to bloat and gain weight. The weight gain and bloat come from the dialysis solution sitting in the peritoneum. The dialysis solution filters toxins from the bloodstream and removes excess fluid and it collects in the peritoneum until it is drained. The body absorbs...
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