Dialysis Lab Report

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Dialysis Experiment: Diffusion of Polar and Non-Polar Substances

It was hypothesized that if the solution is polar, then it will diffuse through the dialysis bag. All five solutions of starch, albumin, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, and glucose were placed inside of a dialysis bag, which was then placed in a culture dish filled with distilled water. After waiting 60 minutes, for the solutions to escape the bag, the distilled water was tested for all five solutions through individual tests of iodine, Benedict's Reagent, NaOh and CuSo4, and silver nitrate. Whichever tests responded positively was which solution left the dialysis bag. It was predicted that if the substance was polar, then it would secrete through the bag, and if it was non-polar, it would remain inside the dialysis bag.


Based on the results of the experiment, it is concluded that the polarity of a substance has no effect on its ability to cross a membrane. The results obtained through the tests were that our initial prediction of polar substances passing through the dialysis bag were incorrect. Thus, proving our initial hypothesis incorrect; it can be modified to the polarity of a solution has no effect on its ability to cross a membrane, in this case, a dialysis bag.

The results obtained were that sodium chloride, a polar solution, and glucose, a non-polar solution, both diffused through the dialysis bag. The three remaining substances, starch, albumin, and sodium sulfate did not escape through the dialysis pores. Sodium chloride diffused through the bag because it is non-polar, meaning that it does not a negative or positive pole, and electrons are equally shared, which allows it to pass through smoothly. Glucose diffused through the bag because it was allowed an hour to transfer through the bag, even though it is polar. The substances that did not diffuse, starch and albumin could not diffuse through the bag because their molecules are...
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