Dialogue "Visiting an American Doctor by British Tourists or About Differences in American and British Health Systems"

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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L – doctor
S – husband
O – wife

O: Good morning, Mr. Brown! I'm Samantha and this is my husband Richard Thompson. May we come in? L: Surely, but before all tell me are you private patients or you have an insurance? S: What insurance? I've never heard about it.

L: Oh, don't worry. It seems to me that you're not Americans. Am I right? O: Yes, absolutely, we're from Britain. Could you, please, explain us what's the problem with the insurance? L: There's not any problem. Simply, most Americans have insurance, through their employers or through the government, with the help of which they pay only statutory charges towards the cost of treatment, medicines and services. S: So you can easily accept us on a paying basis as private patients? L: With great pleasure, besides I'm having a room on my list just now. S: How lucky we are!

L: So, what's the trouble? Both of you certainly don't look as if there's anything wrong with you. O: Doctor, I'm great. This is all my husband. He hasn't been feeling very well for some time. He has lost his appetite and doesn't sleep very well. S: Moreover, I have rather bad cough that I can't rid of, and a pain in my chest, sometimes when I breath. L: But why have you come to me? I'm a general practitioner. I think that you should go straight to cardiologist and psychiatrist. O: You know, in Britain, if a patient needs to see a specialist, their general doctor will usually give them the name of one and some recommendations. L: Mmm, I see. Well, I'll give you the referral to them later, if it's necessary. Now you'd better have a thorough examination. Let me see your tongue…Yes, your stomach is a little out of order… Now your pulse… That's all right. Now just unfasten your coat and waistcoat and shirt and I'll listen to your heart. Say «ninety-nine». S: Ninety-nine.

L: Again, please.
S: Ninety-nine. Ninety-nine.
L: Do you smoke a lot?
O: Well, rather a lot, I'm afraid, twenty cigarettes a day! And that's only during the time when I...