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Dialogue Paper

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  • December 2010
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Latasha Hagan
Mr. Eric Gunter
DWRT – 0371
29 Nov 2010
My Hero
Charlie, a ten year old, was so frightened of the dark that every night was horrible for him. To overcome his fear, he let his imagination run wild.
Charlie always wanted to overcome his fear of the dark but could never face his fear. Until, one day, deep in his imagination he figured that he was an astronaut who had to explore the moon for a space mission. “Mom, Mom!” stricken with fear Charlie shouted. “Mom! There’s a monster in my closet, come quick.” Nonchalantly, Charlie’s mom said, “Charlie there’s nothing in your closet, there’s nothing under the bed, nor in your toy.” “But mom!” Charlie said.

“Charlie, I have to work in the morning and you have school. So, just close your eyes and dream that you’re sleeping on clouds.” Charlie’s mom said tirelessly. Charlie said, “I saw the eyes looking at me, from the closet.” Aggravated, Charlie’s mom said, “Good night, Charlie.” As, he tried closing his wandering eyes, he tried to figure out how he could face this fear of the dark, but before he could, his eyes slowly started to feel heavy. In no time, he was dreaming of those soft clouds. That morning, while getting ready for school he overheard his father say to his mother, “In due time Charlie will get over this fear of the dark in his own way. Just give him time, honey.” “I hope so.” Charlie’s mother said heart felted.

After, hearing how concerned his parents were about him, he had no choice but to confront the dark. Charlie’s teacher Mr. Gunter always had the whole class in the palm of his hand when he spoke, but this day, Mr. Gunter had Charlie hanging on to every word he said. The lesson of the day was “The job of an Astronaut.” Intelligently Mr. Gunter said. “Being an astronaut is every little kid’s dream career. They explore outer space alone on missions, so you all consider them your heroes,” Mr. Gunter said. Continuing to...

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